August 1, 2008
Description: brings the best amateur players together in order to network, find leagues and show sports history.
David Wolf
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Detailed Description

Update brings the best amateur players together in order to network, find leagues and show sports history. can be described as a combination of Myspace, Facebook and ESPN. It enables athletes to set up a sports profile which displays information about all the sports they play and where they played them. The site even goes as far as letting them link up to current and past high school and college teams by the season that they played. David Wolf, a former division 3 basketball player and founder of, believes that pro's shouldn't be the only ones getting all the recognition.

You don't have to be a pro to be a great player. "There are so many great players out there not making millions of dollars, and it's time to bring them together", Wolf said. "We are looking for players who are playing, have played or plan on playing in high school and college." is dedicated to the people out there that play for the love of the game.

Wolf came up with the idea of the site after finishing college and finding it hard to find competitive leagues and great players. "I would go to the local gym and maybe half of the guys could play; that's not fun when you're used to playing against some really great players." "I also hated how hard it was to find leagues in my area. I would have to go to every park district's web site and dig through all the programs just to find the basketball league", Wolf added. The site solves these issues with its advanced player search and league search feature.

The site, which is entirely free, also allows players to write their own sports articles. If you ever wanted to be a sports writer, this is your chance. A really cool feature on the site is that it allows players to rate their friends at various categories of the sports they play. This makes it possible to do a search for a specific player based on rating. This feature works great if, for example, you are starting a recreational basketball team and need a center that can rebound and block shots. Now you can just search for centers in your area with high ratings in rebounds and blocks. Every member also gets a virtual trading card with their uploaded photo that flips 360 degrees. If you're a golfer, you can add your scores and the site will figure out your handicap and rank.

Wolf says that there are a lot more features in the works. He aims to make this site the center of every player's life.

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