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Pitchero is an online sports network powering over 4,000 amateur club and league websites.

Uniting social networking architecture and online sports publishing tools Pitchero has created a network of sports websites linked via sport, location and competition.

Clubs using Pitchero can compare match statistics, uplaod and share videos and photos, post match reports, publish team selection and plan player availability.

95% of Pitchero traffic comes from the UK where it reaches over 1m active sports participants every month. Pitchero has over 250,000 members and is used by 46% of UK rugby clubs and over 2,000 UK football (soccer) clubs.

Pitchero is growing fast in hockey, netball and cricket and will soon expand to other team sports.

Pitchero's goal is to unite the world of semi professional and amatuer sports online, within one custom sports network based around club, league and county websites creating the ultimate destination for sports participants.

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