Funding Received
$15.4 Thousand in 6 Rounds from 4 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$4.7 Thousand Angel on June 28, 2012
Chika Nwaogu, Chidi Nwaogu
Networking, Communities, Identity, Social Media

Company Details

April 17, 2010
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Ladies And Gentlemen's book (popularly known as PicRate.Me (formely LAGbook)) is one of Africa's fastest growing social networking sites with over 3,000 daily new sign-ups.

PicRate.Me (informally written as "Lagbook" or "lagbook") is an online social network where thousands of people unwind, mix, connect with one another and share their daily experience.

A social network launched April 2010 with over 400,000 users so far and 4,000 daily new sign-ups is expected to reach a user-size of 700,000 toward the end of 2012 and join the social networks with over 1 million registered members by Mar 2013.

PicRate.Me claimed 10,000 new members in the month of August 2011 and recorded over 3 million pageviews from over 500,000 visitors in 170 countries in 2012.

The social network has described itself as a social network focused on expanding social experience of people and giving them an incentive to do what they love doing the most - making new friends. They claim not to limit their members to connecting and sharing with the people in their life or the people they already know, thus they go by the name; "social discovery network".

According to a TechCrunch article, LAGbook " African-based social networking site... grew to 35,000 members in just six months..."

According to Vanguard Newspaper, "The site which started with 3,000 members now has over 71,000 users, and is currently expanding daily..."

In the month of December 2011, LAGbook announced it will be expanding its offices to Ghana with the creation of LAGbook Ghana.

According to GROU.PS, who named the young social network as "...a Few of the Finest GROU.PS Around", LAGbook is a social network that is "...gaining popularity by the day across the African continent and beyond. Highlights of this hyper-active social network include photo, video and link sharing, a group chat, and features a host of activities to increase user engagement, including a games section, subgroups, an active event calendar, a music player, and more."

According to National Mirror, a national newspaper in Nigeria, "With over 25 thousand subscribers, LAGbook is quickly gaining prominence."

According to Yahoo! News, LAGbook has "popularity in India, Turkey, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Romania, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines and most especially Nigeria in the city of Yaba, Lagos, where the social network was incepted and currently ranks #2 in traffic, right after Facebook (#1)."

PicRate.Me is owned by LAGbook Inc. and funded by LAGbook Capital, a venture capital firm that focuses on acquiring and investing in promising African internet start-ups.

PicRate.Me has partnered with several Nigerian Telecommunication companies, including Research In Motion (Blackberry) Nigeria.

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