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Tech hiring sucks. We are here to fix it. is not a job search site. It's a tool that allows engineers to passively hear about opportunities that match the specific criteria they set. Most of the best technical talent out there already have good jobs. However, this wouldn't stop most people from wanting to hear if someone would be willing to offer $25,000 more or the ability to cut their commute in half.

The issue is that all the current sites out there are actually creating the problem, not solving it. They put the burden on the engineer to do the work and to find companies that will meet his/her criteria. For people not really looking for a change, this is too much work. When combined with the fact that employers are struggling to find top talent it is clear that something different should be done.

That's where comes in. All someone has to do is answer a few simple questions about what it would take for someone to make them want to consider a new position. Is it more money? Working with interesting technology? Trying to save the world? takes care of the rest. matches engineers that meet their exact criteria. Nothing more. Nothing less.