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$1.6 Million Debt Financing on May 26, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
PeopleJar is a social search platform enabling users to make new connections in any field of interest by relevant characteristics. 
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PeopleJar is a search platform that helps you make new connections in any field of interest by relevant characteristics. You can create a free profile in virtually any occupation with pertinent information to make yourself available to the world.

PeopleJar is user contribution driven. If you don't see a characteristic to find someone by or that better describes your profile available yet, you can suggest it.

PeopleJar is not a social network. PeopleJar does not map out your existing relationships, nor does it help to maintain them online. It does not search other sites and does not import profiles from them.

PeopleJar is a utility to help establish a new connection with another person by a particular interest or skill in any field (be it filmmaking, nuclear physics, design, etc.) and take the benefit of that connection outside the platform (perhaps working together on some project, etc.).

On PeopleJar - we are citizens of one planet, united by the advent of the Internet, where man made geo-political divisions don't matter; and your citizenship, nationality, religion, or spoken language is just a characteristic of your profile.

We are a free platform to find others and make yourself available to the world.

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Funding Rounds (1) - $1.6M


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  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, CA 90210


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