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PeopleBrowsr is a social analytics company providing data mining, analytics, and brand engagement and campaign services.
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A Vast Datamine for Influence Anlytics and Social OS PeopleBrowsr, a San Francisco based company, is the creator of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) dotCEO, dotBest and dotKred.

PeopleBrowsr has combined its Social OS PaaS, Kred Influencer Analytics and one trillion conversation datamine to provide Enterprise, Government and new Top Level Domain owners the ability to launch their own social networks, with full engagement and powerful analytics.

PeopleBrowsr is the only company with a 500M+ profile Datamine, the only one with very high speed Analytics, the only one with real time Influence Scoring, and the only one funded by DARPA to build a Next Gen Network.

dotCEO dotCEO is the new internet for leaders dotCEO. As the only address on the internet that conveys both authority and power, dotCEO is targeted at CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders and presidents who have a voice on social media and want to control the message. Each dotCEO domain will be bundled with access to the exclusive dotCEO social network for leaders.

The sunrise auction for dotCEO domains will be held between the 10th of February and the 11th of March 2014.

dotCEO will enter the General Availability phase on March 27, 2014.

Top Level Domains: dotCEO, dotBEST, dotKred As well as dotCEO, PeopleBrowsr has applied for, and been granted the dotKred and dotBest TLDs. These will be released in early 2014 and will be powered by Social OS, Kred and the PeopleBrowsr Trillion Conversation Datamine. New Domain owners will receive a range of value added services such as a bundled domain name and network product.

Social OS - Dev API for Instant Networks In June 2013, PeopleBrowsr launched Social OS, a next generation Platform as a Service (PaaS), developed under a Darpa funded program. It integrates Social Network capabilities and technologies into their customer databases. Social OS is a rich set of APIs for Developers to rapidly build Social Network applications, and is a bridge between existing networks.

Kred and Social Intelligence PeopleBrowsr, the creator of influence measure Kred, is the world's largest Social Intelligence Platform. We believe social analytics can accurately depict human behaviors like Influence and Generosity, and that the openness and transparency of social networks will be the catalyst for the next great leap in community and productivity.

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    Kred is the measure for Influence online It’s the only real time, transparent and community specific score based on 500M+ social profiles.

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    Klout is an application that measures and ranks its users according to online social influence by using social media analytics.

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