Funding Received
$750 Thousand in 1 Round from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$750 Thousand on January 19, 2012 / Undisclosed Round
November 18, 2009
Peecho operates as an intermediary between websites and print partners by using a global cloud print network.
Martijn Groot, Sander Nagtegaal
Cloud Computing, Photography, Finance, Mass Customization, 3D, E-Commerce, Printing, Enterprise Software

Detailed Description


Using a global cloud print network, Peecho operates as the intermediary between websites and the best print partners in the world. The mission of this start-up is to become the world's primary infrastructure for the transformation of digital information into other forms - in 2D or 3D.

Peecho's Simple Print Service, Simple Print Button and Simple Print API let you sell digital publications as physical products - made in the best factories worldwide. Website owners with quality content, like museums, digital publishers and businesses, use Peecho to convert their content into high quality reports, magazines, canvas prints and more.

The Peecho cloud print network is specifically designed to facilitate local production on demand - only when and where needed. This obliterates the need for mass production, making the planet a better place.

Current Team (2)


Funding Rounds (1) - $750k


Products (3)

  • Eswkozaafdvtwccj2ucy

    Print API

    The Peecho Print API allows developers to build professional print functionality right in their...
  • Vhzkjc5tyif9jhd18nhy

    Print Button

    Peecho's Print Button is a free service that allows website owners to sell their digital...
  • Wz6lrr4ftko1ejnf6fq5

    Print Gallery

    The Print Gallery offers a sleek user interface to sell prints to any audience, from consumers to...

Investors (2)

  • 6ba29bbdf50e6cab169f7f8ecf047a6f

    DHG Holding

    DHG Holding is a venture capital company that helps entrepreneurs from the marketing...
  • 3cb573a329ef247adfb58e33fc31ea4f

    Peak Capital

    Early stage investment fund

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    Rokin 75

    Amsterdam, 1012 KL