Funding Received
$71.9 Million in 6 Rounds from 10 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$3 Million Series D on March 12, 2014
San Diego, CA
PatientSafe Solutions offers mobile point-of-care solutions and technologies for accountable care.

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PatientSafe Solutions, based in San Diego, California, is leading the way in smart point-of-care mobile solutions and innovating technologies for the future of accountable care. Its flagship product, the PatientTouch® System, delivers measureable safety and quality improvement by making care team workflows easier and more productive. PatientSafe Solutions was named one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies in 2011 and 2012, ranked #2 in Wall Street Journal’s Top 10 Venture-Backed Healthcare Companies in 2012, and chosen by Forbes as one of the top Three Health Technology Companies To Watch in 2012.

Our Purpose: To ensure safety and quality come first at all points of care.

The PatientTouch® System

The PatientTouch system is a cutting-edge wireless clinical mobility solution aimed at advancing health systems' patient safety, clinical productivity, and cost reduction agendas. The PatientTouch system transforms care delivery by providing frontline clinicians wireless clinical mobility on a single, intuitive, handheld device that fits in your pocket. The platform runs on a PatientSafe Solutions-designed, developed, and supported device that pairs Apple iOS hardware with enhancements including a high-performance barcode scanner, full-shift battery, and ruggedized, hospital-grade jacket.

The mobile health platform delivers Positive Patient Identification, Care Interventions, and Communication and Collaboration capabilities. Positive Patient Identification workflows utilize barcode-enabled workflows for medication administration, specimen collection, infant care, and blood product administration. Customizable Care Interventions ensure real time order execution and hospital process/policy instrumentation at the point of care. Communication capabilities allow for real-time care team collaboration and alerting features. By consolidating clinical workflows, real-time information access, and communications into an easy-to-use device, hospitals can eliminate harm, reduce waste, and improve productivity.

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