Company Overview

July, 2008
Randy Chou, John Taylor
Campbell, CA
Software, Storage

Panzura is a venture-backed software company enabling faster and secure cloud storage in compared to local tier 1 storage.



Headquartered in Campbell, California, Panzura is a venture-backed vstorage software company whose vision is to enable cloud storage to be faster and more secure than local tier 1 storage. Panzura's approach combines application logic with the best and latest in data storage technology. It calls this next step: Application Network Storage (ANS).

Panzura solutions aim to give enterprise organizations ultimate, ubiquitous freedom and convenience with their work data, allowing users to access applications and share information in real-time, no matter its age, location, or size. Moreover, the ANS model focuses on the end-to-end experience, which means that it offers IT a single, complete solution versus diverse point solutions.

Panzura is founded by Randy Chou and John Taylor, veterans of the software industry who were part of the founding teams at both Aruba Networks and Alteon Websystems, both of which became multi-billion dollar public companies.

Current Team (12)


Board Members and Advisors (4)


Funding Rounds (4) - $58M


Investors (6)

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Offices/Locations (1)

  • North America HQ

    695 Campbell Technology Parkway

    Campbell, CA 95008