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Oxygen Biotherapeutics maintains an oxygen supply to stop disease and damage to tissues that occurs when the flow of oxygen is interrupted.

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Oxygen is essential to life. When that supply is shut off the results can range from minor to devastating. At Oxygen Biotherapeutics, our goal is to help the human body maintain a sufficient oxygen supply to stop disease and damage to tissues that occurs when the flow of oxygen is suddenly interrupted or diminished.

Currently, we are developing medical products designed to deliver oxygen to specific tissues in the body that are deprived of oxygen. Our most advanced product, Oxycyte PFC, is in Phase IIb clinical trials in Switzerland and Israel for traumatic brain injury. Oxycyte PFC is an intravenously delivered perfluorocarbon-based drug that we believe has therapeutic benefits for acute ischemic conditions. The first cohort of the Phase IIb trail is complete. The second cohort was initiated in May 2013.

In addition, we are developing a PFC-based topical cream that we believe has potential benefits for dermatologic indications and wounds. Studies in this area were completed in India.

On the cosmetic front, we have developed the DERMACYTE line of skin care products to address several common aging issues, such as fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, skin tone, blemishes and more. DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate bathes your skin with rich oxygen, smoothing and moisturizing your complexion while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. DERMACYTE Oxygenating Eye Complex is a rich oxygen emollient infused with extracts and ingredients known to enhance hydration, increase suppleness, brighten skin tone and fight discoloration and puffiness. New skin care products are being developed to create a line of cosmetic products focused on skin care. The DERMACYTE line was outlicensed to Valor Cosmetics of Switzerland in 2013.

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