San Diego, CA
Otonomy is a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing treatments for diseases of the inner and middle ear.
Jay Lichter, Jeffrey Harris

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Otonomy was founded in 2008 by Avalon Ventures and experts in the otology field in order to build the premier company dedicated to the treatment of otic disorders via localized drug delivery. This approach has already been widely adopted for the delivery of short-acting antibiotics to treat otitis media through a tympanostomy tube. In addition, otolaryngologists have demonstrated that the injection of steroids into the middle ear cavity can provide a therapeutic effect for patients with acute inner ear disorders such as Ménière’s disease and sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Expansion of this effort holds great promise for the treatment of chronic hearing loss, severe vertigo, and even tinnitus.

The key to Otonomy's leading position in this nascent field is the development of a proprietary formulation platform that provides sustained drug exposure from a single administration. Broad application of this technology has already been established across a number of therapeutic classes and from these, three product candidates have been advanced into development.

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