Acquired by Facebook on April 11, 2013
Mountain View, CA
Osmeta, a subsidiary of Facebook, is a mobile software startup currently in stealth mode.
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Osmeta is a stealth startup.

We have the most formidable programming talent density imaginable under a startup's roof, or any other roof for that matter.

Our 19-person engineering team consists of world-renowned hackers and highly accomplished researchers capable of herculean software engineering. The breadth and depth of computer science knowledge contained within the brains of our team is remarkable. Most of us have had illustrious careers at places such as Google, IBM Research, Yahoo Research, and VMware.

Our programming experience is even more impressive—both quantitatively and qualitatively. Between us, over the years, we have done pretty much “everything” in terms of software creation, including several first-in-the-world type of magical things. (Examples: Android, Chrome for Android, Chrome OS, Google Crawling, AdWords, ZooKeeper, BookKeeper, Pig (Hadoop), OSGi, Linux kernel control groups, network and other device drivers, cognitive computing, massive storage systems, unusual file systems, various types of virtualization, video game console emulation, and many, many others.)

Devices And yet, what we are doing at osmeta is the coolest, most fun-to-work-on, and most ambitious endeavor any of us has ever been involved in. It's the significance and meaningfulness of this endeavor that brought us together at osmeta.

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    Mountain View, CA