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Optimove is software that implements a systematic approach to running, measuring and optimizing customer marketing campaigns. With Optimove, marketers and retention experts maximize the lifetime value of every customer by consistently achieving the best match between every campaign and every customer.

Optimove’s unique customer modeling technology understands each and every customer – and accurately predicts how each marketing campaign will impact their behavior. Armed with this insight, marketers achieve true one-to-one marketing campaigns to convert more customers, increase spending and reduce churn.

The software is based on a combination of technologies, including unique customer lifetime value (LTV) forecasting, predictive behavior modeling and dynamic micro-segmentation. On top of this technology layer, the application provides an intuitive marketing scheduling and management system in which marketers of all skill levels can easily plan, test and execute highly-successful marketing campaigns.

Every campaign becomes a measurable marketing experiment which feeds the software’s self-learning recommendation engine.

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