January 1, 2010
Sharing your menu with the world
Chris Hanscom
Big Data, Restaurants

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"One menu, in one location, driving a restaurant’s entire online presence.”

The only way for the restaurant industry to progress forward in the digital age is to scrap the old methods of presenting, sharing, distributing and working with the detailed information about a restaurant (including, and probably most importantly, all information about their menus) and adopt a new, standardized, centralized way. This is where OpenMenu fits in perfectly. We are about providing open standards for the restaurant industry to create common languages for the information that means the most to restaurants. Having a common standard means not only the restaurant can use this to power their online presence but companies can easily share the restaurants information amongst themselves. Our first standard is the OpenMenu Format - a single, consistent specification to fully and wholly describe a restaurant and its menu items. This is the first standard of its kind and we are happy to be leading the industry with our restaurant based standards and systems.

A restaurant's OpenMenu can power their entire online presence - from their website to Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. One menu to maintain, in one location, shared everywhere.

Expanding beyond restaurant information and menu data OpenMenu is leading the way for restaurants to manage, promote and benefit from Deals, Coupons and Specials. A new space and a new way of doing it.

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