April 26, 2011
OpenBrand provides a cloud platform enabling designers and agencies work and collaborate with their clients.
Mirek Burkon
Graphics, Cloud Computing, Design, Creative, Brand Marketing, Enterprise Software

Detailed Description


OpenBrand provides a cutting edge cloud platform that has changed the way designers and agencies work and collaborate with their clients. OpenBrand helps to organize all creative resources and related information and makes them available to everyone who needs them.

It provides a smart space for all brand’s creative assets in a standardized structure and with simple guidance. These features help to share and organize not only files, but creative works in the form or real items in their natural context. Everything is well organized and always available in one place, including dynamic design guidelines, company strategy and all designs created to promote the company or brand. OpenBrand changes the way the whole creative industry operates and communicates by eliminating the mess of files scattered over various places and therefore allows everyone to focus on creativity instead of looking up resources and doing the same mundane tasks over and over.

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