Funding Received
$81.3 Million in 7 Rounds from 9 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$17.3 Million on January 9, 2012 / Undisclosed Round
Palo Alto, CA
Ooma is a consumer telecommunications company that allows its users to make phone calls in the U.S. and Canada with no monthly service fee.
Andrew Frame, Michael Cerda
Peer-to-Peer, Social Media, VoIP, Mobile, Hardware + Software

Company Details


Founded in 2004, Ooma offers a consumer electronics product that provides free, U.S. telephone calling and advanced telephony services utilizing a high-speed Internet connection and existing home phone. Ooma delivers outstanding HD call quality and the reliability of a traditional phone service at a fraction of the cost. The Ooma Mobile HD app allows customers to make U.S. and international calls from their Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device. Ooma is available at more than 4,000 leading retailers and online destinations.

Products (3)

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    ooma telo

    ooma telo was added to CrunchBase in 2009
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    ooma scout

    ooma scouts are connected to each additional phone extension in a user's home. This...
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    ooma hub

    The ooma hub centers the ooma user's telephone experience. Connected to a phone and broadband...
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  • Office

    1840 Embarcadero Road

    Palo Alto, CA 94303


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