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Online Trading Academy is an educational institution offering investing and trading classes for professional traders.
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Origins of Online Training Academy

Online Trading Academy started as a trading floor on the U.S. West Coast, processing over $600 million in daily trades. Because many of these traders were using “house” accounts, reviews of their results helped them become more effective.

Based on this success in training floor traders, the organization transitioned into an educational institution with headquarters in Irvine, California. Favorable Online Trading Academy reviews and attention in such financial media as CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal has helped the company expand nationwide and then around the globe.

Today Online Trading Academy has over 26,000 graduates who have attended live classes at 35 worldwide campuses including both corporate and franchise locations. In addition, online classes are offered which allow students to review class materials using their computer as a virtual desktop, irrespective of physical location.

Training is also provided through the nationally syndicated Power Trading Radio, available DVDs, free downloads of trading information and video mini-courses which can be viewed online.

What Sets the Academy Apart

Online Trading Academy teaches a simple rules-based strategy which allows traders to review the financial markets and find low-risk, high potential opportunities. This trading education includes odds enhancers to increase the chances of success as students learn to identify points where supply and demand are most out of balance, then set the appropriate entry and exit points for their chosen trades.

Students review this strategy in class until it becomes second nature and they can trade like professionals in order to achieve their financial goals. Many of the classes include live trading, under the guidance of expert instructors who are also professional traders, allowing them to practice what they are learning in real time. Online Trading Academy reviews often reference the instructors and the value they bring to the courses.

These instructors continue to trade their own accounts, so they continually fine-tune their skills, and many of them are Online Trading Academy graduates.

Who Uses the Online Training Academy?

Students at Online Trading Academy range from professional traders who want to practice their skills as full time jobs, to people who review the markets on their own schedule in order to boost their income for retirement security or to support their preferred lifestyle.

The strategy taught by Online Trading Academy gives traders and investors the skills to review conditions and then anticipate market moves with a high degree of accuracy—to time the market, in other words. This strategy can be applied regardless the overall direction of the market—up, down or neutral—and it works for any asset class (including equities, options, currency and futures) and any timeframe, from active trading to saving for retirement.

What You'll Find at the OTA Pages

Online Trading Academy has a large amount of resources and helpful content, including:

Power Trading Radio DVDs Videos Daily Odds Enhancers Free downloads of trading tips

The reviews and information shared on "Lessons from the Pros" and the OTA blog provide helpful content for all traders.

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    Trader Training DVDs

    Online Trading Academy has created a series of DVDs and instructional videos to help individuals...
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    Power Trading Radio

    Power Trading Radio is streamed live 6 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday and hosted by Merlin...
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    Lessons from the Pros

    Lessons From the Pros is Online Trading Academy's award winning e-Newsletter that contains...

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