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$100 Thousand in 1 Round from 1 Investor
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$100 Thousand Seed on September 1, 2013
One Diary provides services for users to share their work and personal calendars with important people.
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Share your calendars intelligently and avoid those work/home life calendar conflicts.

One Diary is a service that allows you to share your work and personal calendars with people that are important to you. Both work and family life are requiring that they be more flexible in order to give their best to both. This inevitably means scheduling challenges as they juggle the demands of both. Knowing what their family is doing, and needs them to do, is fundamental if they are to make informed scheduling decisions.

To date it's essentially been impossible to share your calendars, especially work Exchange calendars, unless you're in the same organisation and on the same platform. One Diary has changed that.

They're not only making it easy to share your calendars but also making that sharing far more intelligent than the existing 'Free/Busy or Everthing' model. With One Diary you can filter the contents of the events you share as well as easily sharing adhoc events rather than an entire calendar.

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