Description: is a website enabling members of local groups to share items such as tools, kitchen appliances, party supplies and handbags.
Aaron Salmon, Chuck Templeton, Arun Sivashankaran
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10k + | 3 in CrunchBase is a website that enables members of existing local groups to share physical items. We help friends, colleagues, neighbors, parent groups, teams, classmates, churches, Google Group, clubs, hobbyists, Meetups and other local groups easily share items like garden tools, camping gear, small kitchen appliances, party supplies, handbags, ...

Share More. Consume Less. Save Money. We are a society built on consumption. We are told that we need to buy new things and have (at least) one of everything to "Keep up with the Jone's." But, why should we buy things that we are only going to use a few times and take up space in our homes, closets, garages, storage lockers, spare bedrooms, ... All that does is cost us money, makes us feel cramped in our homes and has negative environmental impacts.

The internet makes it easier then ever to NOT buy things, yet have access to more then we could have possibly had on our own. Think car, movie and couch sharing. Collectively, between you and your trusted groups, you probably have almost everything you could possibly need. The problem was that you might not know who owns what and if it was available to borrow when you need it. With, you can see which of your friends has what you need and ask them to borrow it. It is super easy.

Now because we are loaning things to our trusted groups and we are borrowing things from them, we now spend a lot less money. Just by borrowing two items a month instead of buying them, we could save over $1,000 a year. We hate wasting money on items that we could easily borrow with no cost. Click here to see a list of things that can be shared on

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