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SPYSEE is a platform that allows you to encourage and support others.

There are dedicated people in the arts, sports, sciences and elsewhere who could benefit from the encouragement of those who follow and wish to support them. SPYSEE offers a place for friends, families and well-wishers to show their encouragement, give their boost and even donate money.

Using the latest Web mining and semantic technologies specialized on people, SPYSEE issues hundreds of queries per person and collect information about them from the Web within matter of a few minutes. Thanks to the technologies such as name disambiguation (two people with the same name), alias detection and relation extraction, SPYSEE can automatically detect related people, related keywords as well as their semantic relations to the person such as co-creators, band mates or fans through various data sources. Because all the processes are automatic, new information about a person is quickly added to the SPYSEE page as well.

On each person’s page on SPYSEE offers a way to encourage people by either clicking on the boost button or by donating money. Using these features, supporters of the person can express their feeling of support to any person be it politicians, athletes, social entrepreneurs, and so on.

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  • Tokyo

    Hongo 2-27-16, Bunkyo-ku

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