Funding Received
$24.5 Million in 4 Rounds from 7 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$15 Million Series C on June 2, 2014
New York, NY
Offerpop is a digital marketing platform that helps brands transform marketing channels into social experiences.
Prakash Mishra, Allen Bonde, Wendell Lansford, Mark Cooper
Internet Marketing, SaaS, Contests, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Curated Web

Company Details


Offerpop enables marketers to run digital campaigns, curate user- generated content, drive e-commerrce,, and capture rich consumer insights from social data. Global brands, agencies and fast-growing businesses rely on Offerpop to build awareness, engage audiences, and drive real business value. Offerpop supports more than 10,000 organizations in over 100 countries and is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and a member of the Twitter Certified Product Program. .

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Funding Rounds (4) - $24.5M


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Products (18)

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    Commerce helps marketers convert visual content into online sales by transforming websites into...
  • 1dac0f31014a920f4e52fa1b1854694b

    Offerpop New Follower

    Use Offerpop’s New Follower app to incentivize Twitter users to follow you. Give new followers...
  • 1ebcfd6faaf2a5a80863fc429a1c57c0

    Offerpop Exclusive for Twitter

    Offerpop’s Exclusive app for Twitter makes it easy to reward followers by giving them access to...
  • D2cdb4f82027faff7d5a7881c4a37f4a

    Offerpop Viral

    Offerpop’s Viral app is an easy way to generate Twitter buzz about a product or offer. Use the...
  • 8d938c4ee7bed89066c01bd964780645

    Offerpop Offer

    Offerpop’s Offer app for Twitter allows you to run open promotions across Twitter in minutes.
  • 185dd76178b030531bc22c927165646f

    Offerpop Caption Contest

    With Offerpop’s Caption Contest app, brands can run fun contests on Facebook that encourage fans...
  • 624b75ff6869f82147bd650a74287adc

    Offerpop Fan Profiles

    Offerpop’s Fan Profiles app for Facebook helps fans to discover and interact with each other on a...
  • 7baaf0769bd5462379e718184c61aff5

    Offerpop Look Book

    Use Offerpop’s Look Book app to showcase products in an engaging slideshow right on Facebook.

Investors (7)

  • 2a7105b4ff9066dee4d8cac8c09b4be4

    Mesco, ltd

    Mesco Ltd is a private advisory boutique which provides financial advisory services principally...
  • Cb default image


    CommonAngels is a hybrid venture capital investing in technology-based seed and early-stage...
  • F144f471ab78a9bdc837cf2d0ed821cd

    Windcrest Partners

    venture capital investment
  • 2dc975b8e74e3b88c8fde02d488a7974


    Salesforce is an enterprise cloud-computing company and CRM provider offering business software...
  • 770aae1245ae2325e7811e52a105162a

    Hearst Ventures

    Venture capital arm of Hearst Corp
  • Z8eedbbjwpcbz4ck6oxg

    Edison Partners

    Edison Partners is a growth equity firm that focuses on technology-enabled solutions in the...
  • Af5f561a652d42a6ecbd4e885b96488e

    Bulger Partners

    Strategic Consulting and Investment Bank

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  • Headquarters

    36 East 31st Street, 8th Floor

    New York, NY 10016


Competitors (9)

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    Wildfire, a division of Google

    Wildfire, a division of Google, is a provider of enterprise social media marketing software.
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    ShortStack provides tools that enable users to create custom Facebook apps and promotions.
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    North Social

    North Social offers a platform of Facebook applications for businesses to interact with fans and...
  • Waqapz6bmqtvdxdzbiev


    Extole helps marketers acquire new customers at scale by rewarding their existing customers.
  • E78eda9f8a97ae9769431d8ec16dadcf

    Mass Relevance

    Spredfast and Mass Relevance merged in April 2014, forming the most comprehensive social...
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    Olapic is a technology platform enabling publishers and e-commerce sites to integrate photos from...
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    Piqora is an enterprise level marketing and analytics suite to identify brand advocates,...

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