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$80 Thousand Venture on June 19, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Nuro Pharma Home Pharmacy is a supplier of generic pharmaceutical products for neurologists and epilepsy patients.
James Fares

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Nuro Pharma Home Pharmacy is a unique service that is dedicated to Neurologists and their Epilepsy Patients. we can provide any branded or generic pharmaceutical product through our exclusive home pharmacy. We specialize in providing one source manufacturers of generic seizure medications to patients who suffer from Epilepsy. Retail and mail order pharmacies will often stock the lowest cost generic product in order to maximize their revenue. This is a concern because they may switch manufacturer’s products at any given time to take advantage of pricing opportunities. These manufacturers’ products effectiveness can vary from 80% to 125% above the branded drugs established bioequivalence. This means that taking one generic manufacturer’s product one month and switching to another the next month can result in a 50% or greater difference in a patient’s blood levels. Patients risk more side effects or insufficient efficacy and they run the risk of breakthrough seizures. This risk is too high to ignore for patients and their Doctors.

Nuropharma, Inc. guarantees the consistency of their generic seizure product from month to month. We will not change our manufacturer to take advantage of improving our profits to the detriment of patients with Epilepsy. On the occasion a manufacturer discontinues making a product we will notify you and your physician promptly. We will provide a new manufacturer product and compare their product, via dissolution studies, to the discontinued product to ensure that it has the smallest possible deviation from the patients past medication. We will also notify you and your Physician of any changes being made with your medications. This will minimize the risk of breakthrough seizures due to fluctuating blood levels. No other pharmacy provides this level of attention to patients with Epilepsy.

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