Email-based Reminders
Adam Burg, Jeremy Toeman
Productivity Software, Task Management, Email, Curated Web

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NudgeMail is a reminder system that works entirely within email. There are no plugins, apps, or other downloads. Furthermore, there is no registration required. The system works on every device that supports email, as it is fully controlled via email.

Users can create new reminders/todos or forward existing emails to NudgeMail, and designate a reminder date/time to receive the response. Commands are either sent to [email protected] (using the subject line to set the reminder period), or sent to [email protected] (where XXXX is the reminder period).

NudgeMail uses intuitive English-like commands, such as "Monday@NudgeMail" or "NextWeek@" or "Nov 13th" etc. Numerous combinations are possible, and the system also has the ability to configure settings via email. Lastly, the user may send notes to Status (receive a current to-do list), History (see the past 30 days), Vacation (stop sending NudgeMails until vacation's over) and other commands.

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