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$140 Thousand Debt Financing on June 4, 2012
Chattanooga, TN
Nudge is a health tracking application that provides a single metric that measures an individual's healthy living level.
Chris Garson, Mac Gambill, Phil Beene
Health and Wellness

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Just think of Nudge as the Klout for Health. In a world saturated with health tracking applications, Nudge has a vision to become the most recognized consumer health aggregator, telling individuals how healthy they are living with the use of a single metric that can be used to compare individuals or populations across various tracking applications. A study by Pew Research Center estimated that roughly 69% of US adults perform some type of health tracking, with only 21% currently using some form of technology, 7% being mobile apps . As this number continues to grow, the need for a more widespread, consumer-centric aggregator will be made evident as people look to compare populations.

Nudge generates revenue from a B2B offering that provides organizations with the benefits of a health-focused engagement platform, as well as the aggregated data that they are able to collect on a population. Nudge provides organizations with multi-tier, customization options that position the platform as a solution to engage ranging populations.

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