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Nathan Norton, Daniel Butt
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Update is a website where organizations of all types from around the world submit their business, non-profit, public administration, engineering, technology, political, legal, or other problems for college students to solve. Students and professors from most of America's top schools and from several international schools are signed up, including students and professors from Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Chicago, Berkeley, IESE, ITESM, and Manchester Business School. Students who solve problems on the website gain real-world consulting experience in their chosen discipline before they graduate. Students can solve problems on their own time or professors can choose problems for their students to solve as a class. Students can receive letters of recommendation and job offers from the organizations they solve problems for. The website's services are free and completely confidential.

This system of student consulting already exists as many organizations hire MBA, engineering, and other students as interns, employees, or consultants to solve their problems for them. moves that marketplace online and makes it possible for organizations to receive multiple solutions to their problem from students all over the world.

Organizations can use as a recruiting tool to test student job candidates' problem solving abilities. Problem submitters can receive multiple solutions from students from all over the world and then whittle through those solutions and just pick the top candidates to come in for an interview. This will save corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting costs and it gives every college student in the world the opportunity to compete for jobs at top organizations.

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