Funding Received
$13 Million in 2 Rounds from 12 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$10 Million Series A on October 16, 2013
New York, NY
Nomi is an omni-channel marketing platform that helps retailers better engage with their customers.
Robert Balousek, Wesley Barrow, Peter Quintas, Corey Capasso, Marc Ferrentino
Analytics, Retail, Software

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Optimize your brick and mortar stores just like your website

Dedicated to helping businesses optimize their brick and mortar stores just like their website, Nomi measures, analyzes and optimizes the ROI of offline marketing and store operations initiatives.

Marketing Attribution: quantify the number of visitors each marketing campaign generates and calculate the lifetime value of customers acquired through each campaign. Manage A/B tests in a single dashboard.

Interior Analytics: determine how effectively stores convert browsers into buyers. Identify underperforming staff and quantify how new training and management investments impact actual customer behavior.

This complete picture of the customer conversion funnel allows retailers to predict the health of each store and diagnose operational bottlenecks before they impact the bottom line.

Gain unprecedented insight into the performance of your offline business with the Nomi Marketing Platform.

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  • Cc7c7aa5154176e50b3fafc400e2323b

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  • C2bd7d14d2f614b81b7aabe766975ca3

    David Tisch

    Managing Partner @ BoxGroup
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    New York, NY 10003


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