Funding Received
$2.1 Million in 2 Rounds from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$1.1 Million Angel on May 3, 2013
Toronto, ON
Newtopia is a health company utilizing an innovative health engagement platform to help individuals make the right lifestyle choices.
Jeff Ruby, Jeffrey Ruby
Gamification, B2B, Health and Wellness

Company Details


Newtopia is a personalized health company - leveraging personal genetics and the latest engagement science - to solve a big problem: our unhealthy lifestyles are killing us, and costing corporations a fortune.
Whether obesity, chronic disease, or aging, these all have roots in our lifestyle behaviors and there is no improvement in sight. It’s an absolutely massive market in a perfect storm for disruption - both individuals and corporations are looking - and willing to spend - on solutions but existing providers are failing to provide sustainable solutions. The result - our lifestyles are having giant economic and social consequences.

Newtopia’s patented solution to the problem is the invention of a unique health engagement platform. What is a health engagement platform? We inspire people to make the right lifestyle decisions to stay healthy. With a proven $2-$3 per day model, an 80% success rate with beta clients, and early success selling and delivering results to large corporations and insurers, Newtopia is the perfect B2B partner. Newtopia's opportunity to scale comes through partnering with insurers, self-insured employers and brands to deliver sustainable health outcomes and a meaningful ROI.

Current Team (13)


Funding Rounds (2) - $2.1M


Investors (2)


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  • Toronto Office

    3603 Langstaff Road, Unit 11

    Toronto, ON L4L 9G7


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