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$1.1 Million in 3 Rounds from 8 Investors
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$1.1 Million Seed on September 12, 2013
NewsWhip tracks the social distribution of all content. It shows what stories matter each day to a billion people.
Andrew Mullaney, Paul Quigley
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How do you find the most engaging stories in the world each day?

NewsWhip believe the answer lies in asking the crowd - specifically, the billion active users of social networks Facebook and Twitter. Humans have a nose for great stories. So every minute NewsWhip figures out which news stories are getting the most human engagement, via shares, comments and tweets. From this, we surface the world's most interesting news, in real time, in thousands of niches.

Through our web app, Spike, we supply deep data on trending stories to journalists, editors, marketers, and PR agencies. Our clients are leaders in their fields: the talented team at The Huffington Post, editors at the BBC, writers at Think Progress, social media editors at ABC, PR consultants at Resource. Spike is also used by many freelancers and small PR firms. We pride on keeping it easy to use, and inexpensive. We offer a free trial - if it sounds useful to you, take a look. Spike helps media experts find the big stories worth pushing - often while they're still early in their viral growth. Our users tell us they find viral content "hours or even days" before it breaks. They’re always first to introduce stories their audience and followers love.

The experts don't get to have all the fun. Through our consumer site, NewsWhip, and our smartphone apps on iOS and Android, any consumer can find stories that people decided are worth sharing. It's a fascinating - and often surprising - filter on the stories that matter.

How it works

NewsWhip's technology tracks a huge volume of content. We add over 250,000 new stories to our databases each day, including content published in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Portuguese. Minute by minute, we get their ‘social velocity’, a formula of the new tweets, shares, likes, comments and other buzz the story receives. Our patent-pending technology uses social velocity as a ranking mechanism - sorting through stories and ranking them based on where they're from (US, Ireland etc), what they're about (Gossip, Tech etc), and a host of other filters.

Our patent-pending technology uses social velocity as a ranking mechanism - sorting stories based on their social velocity, and ranking them based on where they're from (US? Ireland?), what they're about (Gossip? Tech?), who wrote them, where they were published, when they were published, semantic tags, and a host of other filters.

We store data about every story, enabling our data science team to build a map of how content spread, and the distinctive characteristics of stories that will be big social hits. With this, we are working on the longer term goal of mapping the full genome of viral news distribution.

We store all our data, which has been cut, sliced and put to work by executives at many global media companies. See the latest high level stats on our blog, and contact us if you’d like some custom reports.

The Company

Paul Quigley and Andrew Mullaney co-founded NewsWhip in 2011. Their plan: to use social data to identify the best content on the web in real time. The team of two won a place on the National Digital Research Centre's (NDRC) Launchpad Accelerator program in September 2011, and launched an early version of NewsWhip, earning coverage from the BBC, The Next Web, Mashable and many other outlets.

In 2012, the company attracted angel investment from the NDRC, New York-based entrepreneur and investor Shane Naughton and UK-based Meridian Growth Capital. NewsWhip unveiled its Spike platform for newsrooms in 2012. The tool gathered positive reviews from sites including The Next Web, The World Association of Newspapers, and, and soon had hundreds of active users. In July 2013, NewsWhip's coverage was extended to several new language markets - Spanish, French, Portuguese and Estonian.

NewsWhip launched mobile apps for iPhone and Android in early 2013. These apps provide streams of trending content in a format optimised for mobile consumption and received positive reviews from the likes of TechCrunch and CNET. In September 2013, the Company announced a seed investment of $1.1 million. The investment will be used to further NewsWhip's mission of using data from social networks and other sources to identify the world's most engaging stories each hour in thousands of niches. NewsWhip will continue to develop Spike and also plan to update the web app, and Android and iPhone Apps.

Newswhip is based at 23 South William street in the centre of Dublin. The Newswhip New York office is at Inundata, NeueHouse, 110 East 25th Street.

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