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yGGLE is changing the Internet with an artificially intelligent in-browser visual design tool that allows users to create universally compatible one-off designs in the cloud, without templates or any user programming. Built on a patent pending platform of software that builds software, yGGLE’s freestyle design tool allows for limitless design customization, while a physics based animation engine replaces Flash as the universal standard.

As the only product available online that combines full-service website building with both content and contact management services, yGGLE is also a unique end-to-end business solution. yGGLE’s market opportunity includes an estimated 673 million existing websites and an average of 139,344 new sites that go live every day. yGGLE’s is also targeting the blogosphere, which consists of more than 200 million blogs. yGGLE sites are protected by military grade security (patent pending).

All technologies were conceived, designed and engineered in-house entirely by Matt Newman, CEO and founder.

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  • $1M / Seed

    Jul 1, 2010

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    yGGLE's artificially intelligent software that writes software takes drag-and-drop technology...

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