Acquired by NGP VAN on November 14, 2013
Funding Received
$1.5 Million in 1 Round from 2 Investors
Washington, DC
NationalField is a tech platform enabling duty holders to communicate and report information to their organizational hierarchies.
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Company Details


NationalField is a Washington, D.C. based technology and consulting firm specializing in private hierarchical social networking platforms for corporations, political campaigns and causes, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, membership associations, and government. From small projects to large organizations, NationalField is the backbone of some of the world’s most successful teams.

NationalField was born during the 2008 Obama for America presidential campaign. Barack Obama launched the largest field campaign in history, which deployed thousands of staff in hundreds of offices across the country. While working for the campaign, NationalField’s founders discovered how difficult it was to accurately and efficiently collect and disseminate data from staff and volunteers working across the country. Hours were wasted collating scattered reports of the campaign’s activity. Frustrated by the time consuming manual labor, Aharon Wasserman, Justin Lewis, & Edward Saatchi, developed NationalField 1.0 to allow for quantitative and qualitative data to be quickly aggregated and reported up the organization’s hierarchy.

The platform built for Barack Obama’s internal communications network in 2008 has grown up since its days on the campaign. Using patent-pending technology NationalField allows information to be intelligently filtered vertically and laterally to the right people within organizations. NationalField is built to solve a major problem in organizations: how to communicate information from top to bottom, receive feedback from the edges, and break down the barriers to communication. By creating a culture of accountability, NationalField has proven the power of allowing people within organizations to leverage learning and communicate effectively internally.

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Funding Rounds (1) - $1.5M


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  • Europe

    34b York Way

    London, N1 9AB


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    1801 Connecticut Ave NW

    Suite 300

    Washington, DC 20009


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