Acquired by Snapfish on July 12, 2010
Funding Received
$17.2 Million in 3 Rounds from 3 Investors
New York, NY
Motionbox is a video sharing service providing video format support and online space for sharing high-definition personal videos.
Andrew Wason, Chris O'Brien
Video Streaming, Video Editing, Video, Games

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Motionbox is a video sharing service with a lot of other cool and impressive features. Motionbox doesn't have a client uploader like Crackle (formerly Grouper) and VideoEgg. Users must upload the full video files to the service. Like YouTube, Motionbox transcodes files to flash to reduce file size and standardize viewing. But they also store the original files and allow users (and those authorized) to download those files and/or purchase DVDs with the files.

Video editing is a pleasure on Motionbox. When editing a video, Motionbox breaks it down visually into frames. Users can edit the file extensively, including linking several video files and removing any portions of files. Mashups with other users' public or shared videos can also be created using Motionbox's extensive editing features.

All of these changes can be pushed back to the original quality files for downloading or DVD burning. Like YouTube and other services, Motionbox allows tagging of video files. But they also allow deep tagging of parts of video files. Users can open a file, select a portion of the video, and tag it. Viewers are able to skip right to that clip of the video by clicking on the tag. Longer videos can now easily be broken down into linkable pieces.

Motionbox began supporting high definition video in March 2008.

Some competitors/similar companies include: Crackle (formerly Grouper), Youtube, VideoEgg, DailyMotion, and MetaCafe.

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    Canaan Partners

    IT and Healthcare VC
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    Constellation Ventures

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    SAS Investors

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