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April 5, 2011
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We're working on a productivity app for your browser, mobile and tablet.

5 completely different people with absolutely different expectations of life, with different life styles and diverse needs. 5 friends – 5 different kinds of people – who have the same goal – to create an application that will help them to enjoy life.

An experienced entrepreneur, owner of a few companies, who knows how to earn money and how to run a business successfully.

An artist who wants to enjoy life and be maximally creative.

A handicapped father from a happy family who has found out what is the most valuable thing in the world and his values differ from those of other people.

A traveler and a nature lover for whom it is important to see the sun rise, hear birds singing and be surrounded by cool people.

A student who wants to enjoy her youth and at the same time prepare carefully for the future.

These 5 people have set one common goal – to create an application which will enable them to plan, make notes and enjoy life with one tiny detail – all this in a funny way, no boredom!

MOREDAYS is an application that connects various elements of all these people. It is an application which will help you plan your time, make the plans real, write down important things and share them with your friends. All this in a funny way and with maximum simplicity. A diary, planner, scrapbook and notebook, all in one! You will love our app, stay tuned!

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  • US Office

    181 Fremont Street

    San Francisco, CA CA 94105


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    Jeseniova 20

    Prague, 13000


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