New York, NY
Moonit is a social discovery app that connects a user with an astrological match for a friendship and further relationships.
Mehmet Fatih YILDIZ, Mason Sexton, Mason Sexton, Dana Kanze
Psychology, Algorithms, Optimization, Mobile

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Moonit is a social discovery application that makes it easy to connect with those nearby for flirting and friendship using astrology.

You never have to ask someone "what's your sign" again -- now you can break the ice with this fun, powerful tool!

The Moonit app helps you determine your compatibility with new friends and dating prospects using the most advanced astrology algorithm ever developed.

Moonit's algorithm performs a full birth date analysis to give you a percentage compatibility score and an in-depth output on your relationship potential. Over 1 million users have received their accurate compatibility results!

Just download the app, set up your profile and send someone nearby a request to connect by searching for their user name. Make sure that person has the Moonit iPhone app downloaded as well. Once you accept their connection request, you get your compatibility results immediately -- it's 100% free.

Uncover all the characters in your life by collecting Moonit relationship stickers like "Wedding Bells," "Wingman," and "BFF." With this knowledge you can decide who you should date, who you should hang out with, and who you should avoid like the plague.

After connecting, you can continue the dialogue by messaging each other right in the app -- that's 100% free as well. And coming soon...You'll be able to see when your Moonit connections are nearby and reconnect with them at any time.

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