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Moju Labs is a new consumer “big data” startup.

Founded by the former chief scientist at PayPal and current entrepreneur-in-residence at North Bridge Venture Partners, Mok Oh, Moju Labs is worth keeping an eye on for its team alone. That team now includes ex-Google and Palantir engineer Justin Legakis and former Luvocracy product head Andrew Holt.

To be clear, Moju Labs wants to do more than just automatically – or automagically – organize and manage your photo collection. That would be only one piece to its overall vision. Photos are a starting point, but the company plans to eventually support all your personal data, then create a system you can query using natural language.

So imagine that, one day, you could simply ask the service to tell you a story about a time when your family was on vacation, and everyone was happy. That sort of advanced query is Moju Labs’ end goal.

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    capture & share moments that matter in motion

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