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Howard Cannon, Richard Petti
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ModelSheet Software LLC was founded in 2007 to enhance the power of desktop modeling by augmenting, not replacing, existing tools such as spreadsheets.

The company offers free and paid Customizable Spreadsheet Solutions in finance, marketing, operations analysis and other domains. Users can specify a Customized Spreadsheet by filling in a simple web form, without editing a spreadsheet or cell formulas. The end result is a conventional Excel spreadsheet. The process is completely automated, so the company can offer custom software at very low prices.

The ModelSheet Authoring Environment enables authors to build and edit sophisticated spreadsheet models. It is the powerhouse behind Customizable Spreadsheets. The models retain the visual layout of spreadsheets, and include model structures such as named variables, symbolic formulas with varying scopes, time series, dimensions (such as a list of products), and controls for turning on and off model features. It exports Customizable Spreadsheet Solutions and conventional Excel workbooks. ModelSheet Authoring is currently available to selected trial users, but it is not yet commercially available on a regular basis.

The company offers consulting services in which its engineers use ModelSheet Authoring to build or edit spreadsheet models to customer specifications. ModelSheet Software has extensive consulting experience in business analysis and software.

The ModelSheet website has 23 Customizable Spreadsheet Solutions, each with a free working sample workbook and documentation. It also has numerous introductory videos, and white papers about Customizable Spreadsheets and ModelSheet Authoring.

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