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Mobiflock is a mobile safety and security company that offers businesses, parents and individuals peace of mind when using smartphones and tablets. The easy-to-use mobile application protects the device and its data, as well as creating a safe way for businesses to mobilise their workforce, or for children to enjoy the benefits of smart devices.

The Mobiflock product set comprises Mobiflock My Life – useful for anyone and available for free; Mobiflock My Child – enables parents to protect from online dangers such as cyberbullying, sexting and adult content, and educate their children about managing a mobile digital lifestyle; and Mobiflock My Business – enabling companies to better manage and secure a mobilised workforce.

Key to the Mobiflock service is an easy-to-use web dashboard (with a mobile dashboard coming soon) that allows customers to manage all the devices they have installed Mobiflock on, including their children’s or company’s devices.

Mobiflock My Life allows you to locate and lock your device if it is stolen or missing; delete all your personal information and logins on the phone or tablet if it is gone for good; and block unwanted callers from harassing you.

Mobiflock My Child: As well as all the features of Mobiflock My Life, the parental control version of the service allows parents to limit the time spent using the phone, block inappropriate content, block inappropriate mobile applications, monitor who is contacting their child and receive alerts about dangerous activity. This allows parents to give their children a smartphone or tablet, and protect them from dangerous activity including cyberbullying, sexting, online sexual abuse, accessing inappropriate content and staying up late at night online. Includes a 30-day free trial.

Mobiflock My Business: Companies urgently need take smart devices into consideration when it comes to risk-management, data security and privacy concerns. What’s more they also need to ensure they are making the most out of their mobile workforce, maximising the new and extended capabilities smartphones and tablets give them and their employees.

Mobile network operators who need to offer these safety and security services to their customers can easily harness Mobiflock. The service has been built from the get-go to allow white labelling of both the app and the dashboard, remote hosting or in-house implementations, multiple currencies and languages, and a modular design.

Mobiflock, based in London and Cape Town, was founded in 2011 by a team of mobile entrepreneurs who wanted to make the mobile world a safer, more secure and more manageable place for businesses, children and individuals. The founding team cut their mobile teeth at Clickatell, the global mobile messaging provider, and are well-versed in developing, building and selling practical, easy-to-use, high volume global mobile services.

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