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Location-based Mobile app
Jeff Schnitzer, Nikolai Sander
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Mobcast is a location-based mobile Facebook application designed to help flash mobs (or any group of friends) coordinate while on the move.

Users can view the locations of their Facebook friends on a map and watch as they walk around in near-realtime. By posting Mobcasts, users can update their Facebook status and push notify their friends of where they are going, what they are doing, and why their friends should join them. Replies are also pushed, providing an easy way to self-organize a flash mob in minutes.

Mobcast is not a new social network, but a tool that brings geolocation to Facebook. There is no signup process and no need for users to re-register their friends. Fine-grained privacy is available using standard Facebook friend lists.

Mobcast is available in the iTunes App Store at:

Mobcast is available on Facebook at:

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