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One of the pioneering VoIP companies, MGCP, Inc. holds a leading position among on-demand providers of VoIP switch, softswitch, billing, IVR, session border controller and other hosted services in the cloud.

The company has reinvented the VoIP industry with its flagman HostedSwitch® service, which allows for seamless integration of a heterogeneous infrastructure of its users within minutes of the Free Account setup. Our mission is to facilitate worldwide call termination and accurate billing from any IP telephony device, independent of its manufacturer, protocol and origin. Although multiple copycats of HostedSwitch® have appeared recently, none of them offers the simplicity and scale comparable to our original service.

MGCP, Inc. has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, U.S.A. and a software development office in Moscow, Russia.

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  • 94a635be17886962d41614f2f0936548 sells virtual phone numbers in 40+ countries. Such forwarding numbers...

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