Acquired by Reply! Inc. on June 22, 2011
Funding Received
$14.3 Million in 2 Rounds from 6 Investors
Mountain View, CA
MerchantCircle is an online local marketing platform that provides deals, expert advice and competitive quotes from local merchants.
Ben T. Smith, IV
Direct Marketing, Estimation and Quoting, Advice, Consumers, Business Services, Local, Curated Web

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MerchantCircle is the place to find great deals, expert advice & competitive quotes from the best local merchants!

MerchantCircle was founded in 2005 as an online marketing platform for local business owners, and has grown into the largest online network of local business owners in the Nation. MerchantCircle makes it easy for people to find qualified businesses to provide quality services. MerchantCircle helps people get the advice they need from the real experts; local business owners with tons of real world experience. MerchantCircle delivers competitive quotes for all the services people need on a daily basis.

MerchantCircle provides small businesses with a web listing page, blogging platform, deal building tools, and many other ways for businesses to connect with new potential customers. Consumers can create profiles on MerchantCircle to clip and keep track of coupons in real time, and post business-specific questions to the network of business owners. "Circle" in the company's name comes from a viral marketing strategy that encourages members (both businesses and consumers) to engage with each other to solve everyday problems.

Prior to being acquired by Reply! Inc. in June 2011, MerchantCircle had acquired both Bloglines and TimeBridge to help deliver more offerings to local businesses!

Past Team (10)

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    David Gwynn

    Program Manager
    Jul, 2008 - Jun, 2011
  • 4d5d62d3346e0ff0d931612984fcd59d

    Mark Hull

    Vice President of Product Management & Marketing
    Oct, 2005 - Jul, 2006
  • Lomknivheqifduhwueua

    Doug Kilponen

    Senior Vice President
    2005 - Jan, 2011
  • Cb default image

    Jeremy Kreitler

    VP Product Management
    May 20, 2010 - Oct, 2010
  • Eat4cjcctcdwi5pornmv

    Kevin Leu

    Director of Community Relations and Programs
  • 7acee0853581dc1df1a3168658212f31

    Davin Miyoshi

    Business Development Consultant
    2006 - Jan, 2006
  • Cb default image

    Yori Nelken

    Chief Technology Officer
    Sep 22, 2010 - Sep, 2011
  • Cb default image

    Ryan Osilla

    Director of Product Management
    2005 - Jan, 2010

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    800 W. El Camino Real

    Suite 330

    Mountain View, CA 94040


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