January, 2009
Beaverton, OR
Membean provides teachers with innovative tools that helps their students build their English vocabulary, and refine their study skills.
Ragav Satish
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Membean delivers "durable learning" products for schools and life learners that arrests forgetting of learned material. Using techniques from memory research, Membean's material encourages building knowledge networks in the brain and allowing for multiple recall pathways. The Adaptive Reinforcement Engine refreshes learned material as it's about to be forgotten.

Used by students in over 30 countries, Membean's first product - a web-based vocabulary learning tool for students preparing for the GRE and SAT - teaches thousands of words in a multimodal environment. An example word page:

Built upon the SAT/GRE products, Membean's Educator product for high school and middle school is now used in schools in 47 US states, and in 10 countries around the world. It provides teachers easy to use management capabilities that lets them monitor and assess student progress towards learning targets. Teachers and students in over 150 countries leverages Membean published free resources such as

Traditional instruction focuses exclusively on "learning" with little regard for keeping knowledge in memory. Membean turns the paradigm around by focusing on retention. The result is a uniquely engaging and rich learning environment.

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