March, 2007
Medpedia is a free technology platform for the medical community.
James Currier
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The Medpedia Project is a long term effort to evolve the new model for sharing and advancing medical knowledge. The site is not a comprehensive source for medical information today, but over time, as the community grows, it will be.

Medpedia has been developed in association with top medical schools and organizations such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, U. of Michigan, American College of Physicians, and American Heart Association. Many of these organizations are seeding the site with their content, building out professional networks for their members, and then encouraging their communities of physicians and PhD's to edit it.

Medpedia is essentially a free technology platform for the medical community. The first release of the Medpedia Platform in February 2009 includes three interrelated services: a collaborative knowledge base, a Professional Network and Directory for health professionals and organizations, and Communities of Interest in which medical professionals and non-professionals can share information about conditions, treatments, lifestyle choices, etc.

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