Funding Received
$3 Million in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors
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$1.3 Million Venture on May 19, 2014
MBA & Company is a project delivery platform resourcing for companies in search of MBA-trained talent for outsourced project-based work.
Daniel Callaghan, Adam Riccoboni
Recruiting, Freelancers, Marketplaces, Business Services, Education, Project Management, Consulting

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MBA & Company is a service that enables companies to have commercial or research projects of all sizes delivered at low costs, onsite or remotely, by the top 1% of independent professionals.

In today’s economic climate, businesses can often find themselves without the specialist in-house expertise or manpower they previously had as headcount’s have been reduced. Given the greater need to look abroad due to stagnant domestic markets, companies are often limited by the extent of their network and cannot afford the traditional consultancy model which is burden by heavy fixed costs and large margins. MBA & Company solves all of these issues for them by harnessing the power of macro employment trends within the ranks of first tier professionals.

The online business, founded in 2009 by Daniel Callaghan and Adam Riccoboni (both 31), consists to-date of over 16,000 independent professionals in more than 100 countries, all with at least five years’ professional experience and an MBA from the world’s best business schools, or an MSc or PhD. Failure to meet these initial criteria will mean, as well as a series of other tests closer to engagement, would prevent the independent professional being placed on a project.

The business’ online distribution model, virtual network, elevated entry criteria for consultants and “pay as go” service ensures zero wastage for companies and a lean cost structure without having to sacrifice any quality. Furthermore, MBA & Company has incorporated an account managed approach and stricter controls to ensure quality of work delivered.

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