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Adam Mashaal
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Mashfeed is a simple and beautiful way to CREATE and DISCOVER great social media mashups.

Connect your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and create custom feeds, or "mashfeeds," by combining relevant users, hashtags, channels and more. Your mashfeeds will always be kept up to date and include the latest posts from the ingredients you've selected.

Discover amazing social media content by browsing through dozens of amazing mashfeeds in the "Browse" section, from categories like Style, Photography, Funny and more.

Filter your hashtags! With Mashfeed, you can finally filter hashtags by specific users. Create a mashfeed that includes one or more hashtags, and further filter the hashtag content by specific users. The results and combinations are incredible.

Your favorite content is scattered across multiple social media sites. Bring it together with Mashfeed.

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