Company Overview

Adam LeVasseur, Sam Rosen, Rahul Gandhi
New York, NY
Storage, None
MakeSpace, a full service storage company, provides storage bins, pickup and on-demand storage to replace traditional self storage.

Detailed Description


MakeSpace is a next generation full-service storage company designed from the ground up to take the pain out of using a traditional self-storage unit. Their customers no longer have to schlep back and forth to a self storage facility. They hope to be the easiest “self-storage” company in New York City (and many other cities to come)

To use MakeSpace, make a reservation online. On the day of their appointment, a MakeSpace team member will arrive at their home and drop off durable, commercial grade plastic moving bins provided FREE of charge while you are a MakeSpace customer. Pack your stuff and they’ll handle the rest. At their scheduled pickup, which can be the same day they drop off their bins (our driver will wait up to 20 minutes) or at another date, their MakeSpace team member will take an inventory of your items and secure their belongings. They’ll take their bins back to their secure storage facility and “upload” their inventory to their website. Whenever the users want something back, log into their online account to see what they’ve stored and schedule a delivery for the items that they want.

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    Upfront Ventures

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Offices/Locations (1)

  • Headquarters

    120 Walker Street

    Suite 5E

    New York, NY 10013


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