Funding Received
$21 Million in 2 Rounds from 7 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$16 Million Series B on January 1, 2007
March 1, 2007
Culver City, CA
Mahalo is an online web directory and knowledge-sharing service that helps individuals find the best information on the required topics.
Jason Calacanis

Detailed Description


Mahalo is a human powered search engine founded by Silicon Alley veteran entrepreneur Jason Calacanis. Results are generated non-algorithmically by a team of profile builders who create pages for search terms. Mahalo includes the most appropriate hand found links and information about for about 10,000 unique queries.

By 2008 the company hoped to reach 25,000 profiles. Not unsurprisingly, search results are generated at a limited speed, because of the absence of an automated engine. However, results pages are often very deep and useful. Searching queries for which a page has not been created are supplemented with Google search results. Theoretically, Google users shouldn't have a problem switching over.

Results pages are a mix between a traditional search layout and Wikipedia. Any factual information is concisely listed to the side of the all links, while links results are split into different categories with the "top 7" heading up the page. Results categories beyond the top 7 are decided upon by Mahalo guides. These categories are tailored specifically to the search term. Thus, a search for a person might include a professional profile, statistics for an athlete or a "gossip" section for celebrities. Searches for companies generally include recent news, products or stock information. Because search results are ultimately subjective, Mahalo allows users to submit their own links for consideration. These links are voted on and eventually published or not.

Although the manual creation process will force Mahalo to grow its index very slowly, founder Jason Calacanis claims the company can operate for four years without any revenue.

Mahalo is one of a few substantially funded alternative search engines including Powerset, Hakia, Wikia, and ChaCha. Wikipedia can also be considered a competitor.

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    Mahalo was launched in 2007

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