October 1, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Description: provides an online event registration platform that allows users to sell and book tickets for events and concerts.
Jonny Hendriksen, Stephen Weir
Events, Curated Web

Detailed Description

Update now provides online event registration services. Like Ticketmaster serves large events, concerts etc, provides a self-service ticketing platform to make it easier to sellout your small to medium sized events.

How do we do this? MadeIt allows event organizers to: 1. Publish a customized event web page online 2. Promote your event using our online promotion tools 3. Easily sell and collect ticket revenue online

The service works well for events like: - Workshops - Seminars - Tradeshows - Sporting events - Fundraisers's previous service:, a social event planning application, has plans to displace Evite as the internet's most popular invite service. Madeit brings to the table more customizable invitations as well as a social layer which evite currently lacks.

MadeIt's invites can have embedded video clips, photos, custom backgrounds, discussion areas and a place for general information of course. Invites can be made from scratch or built up from a variety of pre-made templates.

The social layer comes in After events have passed. MadeIt changes all events from invitation pages to "aftermath" pages where party goers can write comments and post pictures, videos and other media from the event. The page becomes a mini-social network focused on a single event. Unlike most social networks, MadeIt focuses on helping you meet new friends and then stay in touch by immediately bringing everyone back together online.

The company competes directly with Socializr (from the founder of Friendster), Evite, Mypunchbowl, SuggestLocal, Skobee and Renkoo.

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    MadeIt was launched in 2007

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    San Francisco, CA


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