Lumu Labs is the creator of Lumu, the light meter for the iPhone and Android.
Staš Stankovič, Marko Pirc, Benjamin Polovič, Luka Mali
Gadget, Photography, Lighting, Hardware, iPhone, Apps, Electronics, Mobile, Hardware + Software

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Lumu Kickstarter campaigning:

We love light meters, but they never seemed completely right to us. About a year ago, we set our goal to make device simple to use and made for our needs.

Our passion for creating perfect photographs led us to the very beginning and designing it from scratch.

Idea was to bring our simple vision into the digital age. It became clear through concept development: Why not to take advantage of the best device we already have: smartphone.

We used latest generation digital light sensor. Spectral response exact as human eye. Controlled by microprocessor. And it talks with your phone.

All that powered in a unique way: we managed to harvest energy from audio output on your iPhone. No batteries and no worries.

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