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$405.5 Thousand Seed on January 1, 2010
January 1, 2010
LPH is a SaaS-based app and search portal that allows organizations and individuals to find and manage their lost property.
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The LPH system does two things, firstly it is an online SaaS application that allows organisations of any size to manage their lost property; secondly it is a search portal that will allow anyone to find their lost property more easily and have it returned to them at their convenience.

Organisations can record the lost property found on their premises, search for lost property on behalf of their customers (i.e. if they call up and want to know if they left a book in the hotel room), view comprehensive reporting, manage the disposal of the lost property and facilitate the repatriation of lost property that has been claimed.

Individuals can also use the system to record items that they have found (i.e. they found a wallet on the street outside their house) and it will allow them to search for their property that they have misplaced. Even if the property is not found immediately the system will keep looking until it is hopefully found in the future.

And of course because all of this is being driven by the same single database you only need to search once regardless of how many different places you think you might have lost it!

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    Jan 1, 2010

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