Acquired by Software AG on April 25, 2013
Sunnyvale, CA
LongJump provides easily customizable online databases, CRM and PaaS for business information management needs.
Pankaj Malviya
SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Computing, CRM, Apps, Enterprise Software

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July 1, 1999
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LongJump provides easily customizable Web applications for managing and coordinating businesses, teams, and information. LongJump provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) which allows non-programmers to design their own applications.

Ideally, no programming skills would be needed to make a program such as a shared contact and calendar resource for a small business. Still, users must be technically savvy. LongJump offers a large catalog of pre-made applications which a user may browse and chose from. Chosen applications can be customized to suit the needs of the user or business. Customization is claimed to be as easy as dragging and dropping new fields or extensions into the base application. If this is the case then expect to see many businesses adopt LongJump in the near future.

Completed applications can be shared amongst LongJump users to facilitate easier application building for others. Of course, sharing your applications is optional, however, if you decided to share, your data will be kept private. Competitors include Dabble DB, Zoho Creator, WyaWorks and Coghead.

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