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Lingibli helps people to start learning a foreign language in a fun and easy way without the necessity of spending additional time or money.

The education startup based in Slovakia`s capital Bratislava offers free Language Pages and Smartphone Apps for Android and Apple to bridge the barriers of learning a foreign language in a fun way.

The Idea Behind It: Inspite of countless innovations on the education market in the past years, there are a few things that  did not change so far: Learning a language takes time, is expensive, troublesome and most of the time ineffective. Lingibli solves these problems through:

No-Time Learning: The Language Page is a sheet of paper with 20 words and 35 useful phrases. Users can download and print it out for free in any language combination to label items around their home or office and create a three-dimensional learning environment. Without spending any additional time, one is repeating the new vocabulary every day just by walking around. And by scanning the QR Codes on the labels, the correct pronunciation can be heard.

Multisense-Learning: The more senses one can involve while learning, the more one will remember. This is the idea behind Lingibli: It does not only challenge the user's visual senses while reading the phrases, but also the auditory and kinesthetic ones are used thanks to listening to the pronunciation and the learning-by-walking-around concept.

The mobile App provides 100 sentences and 100 phrases and shows the user how to use them in a context. To make learning even easier, one can listen to the pronunciation of all the words, phrases and sentences with just one click.

„Besides, we count on the social media integration which makes learning an experience user can share with friends, thereby have fun and inspire other people to start learning, too,“ said Raffael Kellner, Co-Founder of Lingibli.

The language-learning market addressed is a $90 billion one worldwide and it keeps on growing due to globalization, migration and travel.

„We are perfectly aware of the fact that the education market has been booming in the past years. It is astonishing how much developers still invest in new teaching techniques without facing the fact that the first step to starting learning is the toughest one to make," said Co-Founder Milan Schnorrer. He continues: „We believe in helping people to get started and we want to provide them with the very basics.“ The concept is therefore especially suitable for beginners and travellers.

The first version supports 19 languages – German, English, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish – and will continue to extend in the near future.

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